Vilanova Mentoring Days

ACREW will host interactive sessions to help prospective mentors and mentees understand what mentoring involves. They will discover how it can benefit them and how it can add value to their vessel. This inspiring learning event will consist of mentorship sessions for Superyacht Captains and Crew over a 3-day period in October 2022.

The first day of the event will consist of a tour of the facilities in the marina followed by drinks and a Captain’s Dinner. On day 2 the morning will consist of a Captain’s Morning followed by lunch and during the afternoon workshops will be held for all departments on board. The evening will conclude with a themed BBQ and Drinks. On the third day, there will be fun and interactive crew activities and challenges to help improve the team dynamic onboard.


Event programme:

Day 1|Wed 19th Oct

Day 2|Thu 20th Oct

Day 3|Fri 21st Oct

Registration for this event has now closed.