Facilitator Focus, Wayne Britton

Workshop: Crew Safety, Awareness and Conflict Resolution Training

Why is this workshop of importance to crew?

The number of security incidents especially whilst ashore is a growing concern for crew. There were over 60 incidents reported in 2015 and evidence suggests that due to the associated reputational risk there are a large number of incidents that remain unreported. In this context, the importance of educating and informing crew on the importance of security whilst onboard and ashore, as well as how to manage themselves if faced with a challenging situation is very clear. The workshop will cover personal security and situation awareness, theft avoidance, security of possessions, cyber security and security advice including regional threats and captivating case studies.

Why do you believe professional development is important in the superyacht industry? dose de ivermectina injetavel para ces

Professional Development is key for any crew member in the superyacht industry due to the ever changing environment we operate in. For example, crew safety has evolved from simply being aware of the surroundings to understanding the cyber security risks crew now face. Each crew member couldn’t be expected to be up to date with recent changes in all facets of their work so professional development allows experts in their fields share their wisdom and understanding. can puppies have ivermectin paste 1.87

What gets you excited about Caribbean Crewfest 2016? usp ivermectina

Securewest is thrilled to be heading to Caribbean Crewfest 2016 not just for the sunshine but to meet new crews and hear of their safety experiences and concerns. Securewest is passionate about helping crew improve on their safety measures and we hope to be the first point of call for any security concerns.