How Upgrading A Seabob Saved The Charter

Seabobs have quickly become one of the most popular Superyacht toys. These ultra-modern, superior water toys feature some of the most advanced technology of water toys to date. But what happens when they develop technical issues during the busiest time of the year for your yacht?

The inconvenience of having to send off a Seabob in the middle of a guest trip is an all too familiar memory for Captain Chandler, who had been on extended sick leave for three of the winter months, and returned to the yacht only two weeks before the hectic season began.

His deck crew hustled to prepare the water toys in anticipation of a two-week Owner’s trip in Sardinia, followed by back-to-back charters in the Med. The Owner’s wife and daughter are big fans of the yacht’s Seabobs, often maxing out their battery charge on exploring all the picturesque bays and coves of Sardinia.

It was on this first trip of the season, that one of the Seabobs developed an issue with its electronics that could not be troubleshooted or solved on board.

The ensuing cost to ship the Seabob to a service center added to the repair cost to its electronics, and the need to get the unit back to Sardinia as quickly as possible was high,  and there was no way to get it repaired before the end of the Owner’s trip. Captain Chandler called upon the expertise of our colleague, Luca, to get him out of his pickle and ensure that the Owner’s trip continued smoothly.

Want to avoid a similar experience? Here is our unfiltered advice…

Our audience often hears us speak about regular maintenance checks and yearly servicing of Seabobs, but even yachts, like Captain Chandler’s, that meticulously maintain their units, may eventually start running into issues with the aging battery and electronics over time, despite the advanced technology of the device.

Wise Advice and a Solution Found

If you’re a Seabob F5 owner, like the yacht which Captain Chandler commands, you’ve been enjoying your unit for many years, but may now require more frequent repair or maintenance. Technological advancement has led to the release of the F5S and F5SR models…true masterpieces of enhanced performance, durability and longevity.

Captain Chandler was presented with two upgrade options:

  • First, the F5S model, with its improved battery life and high-performance lithium-ion batteries. This option would give the guests up to 90 minutes of enjoyment before a recharge would be necessary.  
  • Second, the F5SR would improve even further on ride time, by offering a staggering 2 hours of enjoyment.

The newer models Luca presented also offered autonomy and speed that the yacht’s F5 did not have. They would provide enhanced maneuverability with more responsive and accurate steering systems, thanks to their upgraded jet propulsion systems. This equals the ability to make tighter, sharper turns but with a smoother ride for the guests.

With an upgrade to an F5S or F5SR, the guests would have access to faster acceleration and higher speeds, from 18 km/h on the F5 model to an incredible 22 km/h on the F5SR model. The increased power and speed assists would assist the guests in navigating more efficiently through the water.

The newer models’ latest software would also mean that problems with the electronics of their aging model would be a thing of the past. By upgrading the yacht’s Seabob, he would also have the advantage of the 24-month warranty period, including Ocean Premium’s diagnostics, maintenance and warranty repairs.

The newer models presented by Luca offered a sleek, aesthetically eye-catching design and came in a wide variety of vibrant colors and textures. Captain Chandler plans to send his Seabobs back to us at the end of the season, for full customization and has selected a finish and colour that complements the yacht’s style.

Upgrading before the season starts saves an incredible amount of money. Planning and executing timely shipping, when the lead time is greater, will result in savings for your yacht. Within Europe, there’s easy shipping within 3 to five working days on lower shipping costs, but what if you are on charter away from the mainland, or in a remote location? We advise that you place your orders early to avoid the heavy costs associated with trying to send the items on a rush order.

Ocean Premium is often called upon to save the day, as in the case above, when issues arise on a guest trip. We have sent our ‘Flying Doctors’ onto yachts on a moment’s notice, to repair units urgently on board, and even shipped replacement units to save charters. Though this is indeed possible, it comes at a cost. Therefore, we recommend upgrading your units before the season starts, to avoid any inconvenience to your guests.

Trading in offers savings you should not pass up. Give your clients the best product on the market, and ensure a worry-free summer season. The Seabob F5S and F5SR are excellent investments for yachts wanting to enhance the water sports experience for their guests. The move to upgrade to more powerful, efficient models like the F5S and F5SR is the smartest choice.

If you need advice on choosing the best model to suit your needs, our knowledgeable Head of Sales, Luca, is always available to consult with you and will be happy to walk you through the process.

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