Launch of new organic and eco-sustainable products for the care of superyachts “SUPER YACHT LINE”

The Company
Italia Marine is an important reality in the marine industry, from superyachts to small boats, ship
chandlers, marinas, and boat yards. Italia Marine has developed a prestigious worldwide reputation with its
brands, by producing a wide range of eco-sustainable cleaning products for super yachts “Super
Yacht Line”, respectful of the marine environment and healthier for the crew using the products.
These biological cleaners are made from naturally derived ingredients from renewable and
sustainably sourced raw materials, formulated for the lowest possible toxicity and the ultimate
biodegradability (easily and quickly biodegradable) to provide customers with a guaranteed level of quality. IMO MARPOL, VEGAN compliant, and AIAB certified.

How It Started
The Super Yacht Line brand was born from experience gained for over thirty years in the world
of superyachts, with the cleaning and restoration treatments of all materials found on the yachts on board. Over the years we have realized that there is no complete line of ecological products for
those who use the boat and want to respect the environment. So, the idea was born to create a
completely ecological line of cleaning products, made from 100% raw materials from vegetable
extracts and non-polluting to aquatic organisms.

Super Yacht Line Range – Interior & Exterior Cleaning Products
SUPER YACHT LINE means ecological detergents made from naturally derived ingredients from
renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials, with an easily and quickly biodegradability
(Biodegradable in compliance with EC Reg. 648/04). The detergents in this line are scented with
natural essential oils and are more concentrated than traditional ones (about 1 ½ times). In the
formulation, substances derived from petrochemical and synthetic are not allowed, only raw
materials from naturally derived ingredients. This line offers all cleaning solutions, both for internal
and external use. A complete range of 25 cleaning products, from detergent for all surfaces to laundry liquid, from detergent for teak to degreaser for engines, and much more.

Super Yacht Line Range
Bio All Wash – Bio Bilge & Engine Cleaner – Bio Multi Purpose Degreaser – Bio All
Purpose Stain Cleaner – Bio Carbon & Inox Cleaner – Bio Carpet & Fabric Cleaner – Bio
Dishwasher Gel – Bio General Interior Yacht Cleaner – Bio Glass & Plexiglass Cleaner –
Bio Laundry Liquid – Bio Leather Cleaner – Bio Multi Purpose Descaler – Bio Oven & Grill
Cleaner – Bio Rib & Inflatable Boat Cleaner – Bio Sail & Canvas Cleaner – Bio Sanitizer –
Bio Teak Deck Cleaner – Bio Vinyl & PVC Cleaner – Bio Toilet & Hold Tank Cleaner – Bio Soft Paper – Bio Vinyl Wash & Clean – Bio Washing Up Liquid – Bio Nat. Body Wash – Bio Nat. Hand & Face Soap – Bio Nat. Hair Shampoo.

Super Yacht Line cleaners are proven powerful, whether cleaning teak decks or
vinyl cushions, kitchens, or bilges. Each product has been formulated to effectively
work to remove dirt, grease, and grime.

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