Making Waves: Dryad Global and IMSA Join to Form New Maritime Risk Technology Company  

In a combination that creates a maritime security tech giant, global multi-national companies Dryad Global, a maritime intelligence market leader, and International Maritime Security Associates, INC (IMSA), a maritime technology company, are to merge. 

IMSA Global, a provider of cutting-edge technology solutions in maritime risk information, cybersecurity and tracking technology is to merge with Dryad Global to provide real-time maritime security, analysis and risk intelligence solutions direct to clients at their desks on land or in the bridge at sea.  

The companies decided that, in light of recent industry shifts, such as the preference for end-to-end offerings, and holistic, digitised security offerings the time was appropriate to combine the strengths of both organisations and create the ultimate best-in-class maritime risk partner to better serve international maritime customers in both the governmental and commercial sectors. 

Together Dryad Global and IMSA Global will expand their product portfolio to offer the industry-leading ARMS Fleet Manager platform to all clients. The ARMS technology is the first of its kind shipboard based real-time, geo-specific maritime risk information system delivered via intuitive and accessible tablet-based interface.  

ARMS shore-based fleet manager provides instant access on any internet-enabled device to the extensive combined information provided by ARMS including the full library of Atlas Inform risk intelligence data and information.  

ARMS shipboard software provides voyage critical, location-specific information and real-time access to data on global maritime issues, country, port and area risk analysis alongside information on disease outbreaks, weather, cyber threats, port delays, civil unrest, piracy, and many other issues. It also provides full fleet tracking via secure communications link direct to vessels. qual horario tomar ivermectina Critical information is both secure and at captain and crew fingertips in real-time to aid fast decision making. Fleet Managers and vessel crews no longer have to wait for an email, message or phone call to receive information on global maritime incidents. 

ARMS Cybersecurity provides specific maritime and shipboard cyber security assurance. The service ensures that clients are fully compliant with ISPS/MTSA regulations and safeguards critical vessel based and shore side information systems. 

ARMS Underway Support is delivered 24/7/365 through IMSA’s G-i2C Global Intelligence, Information and Communications Center. 

Corey Ranslem, CEO IMSA Global says, 

“This merger gives clients a maritime risk and security tech offering that is unparalleled in the provision of data, AI and human-intelligence maritime security reporting, intelligence, security analysis and alerts. Dryad Global will emerge as a partner of choice for large-scale insurance providers, logistics companies and international nations. In addition to improving security awareness, agility and cost-effectiveness of transit, there will also be a better provision and assurance of Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS).” 

The merger will double Dryad Global’s operational output and create one of the largest ‘full circle’ maritime security intelligence and tech companies. It will also give Dryad Global an additional base on the United States east coast to complement its existing offices in Australia and the United Kingdom and further enhances both the senior management team and the service offering, creating an incredible proposition for corporate clients. The merger will see Corey Ranslem appointed as CEO Dryad Global and Phil Diacon will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer.  

Significant scale benefits are anticipated through Dryad Global and IMSA Global’s merger. The companies highly compatible strengths will result in stronger product offerings across the DG/IMSA combined platform. The complementary offerings will enhance customer engagement on the flagship Dryad Global ARMS Fleet Manager platform and be delivered through a streamlined and industry-leading tech and AI-driven real-time reporting synchronisation direct to vessels’ captains. simpiox gotas para que es The merger is expected to result in significant value-add for clients and an improvement in large deal capabilities.  

Phil Diacon, COO Dryad Global says, 

“This merger illustrates our continued commitment to improve the maritime security industry in line with our long-term strategic vision. This is an extremely exciting time for us; the merger will benefit our clients enormously in the coming months and years. The highly complementary offerings of Dryad Global as leaders in the maritime intelligence space and IMSA Global will combine to deliver a truly innovative technology company in maritime risk. petmd ivermectin side effects This integration is a show-stopping proposition for our customers, investors, shareholders and employees.” 

Dryad Global has strong social values and is committed to ensuring SOLAS as well as offering employment opportunities to underrepresented societal groups through initiatives such as the IRIS Industry Placements programme and support of the Van Empel Goldman Foundation. The IRIS programme has already seen 100% of successful participants secure employment in intelligence and security roles, with 75% of those employed at Government level thanks to the skills and experience gained during their time at Dryad Global. 

The name of the combined entity will be Dryad Global and will leverage the advantages of both of the brands.  

About Dryad Global 

Founded in 2018 by Phil Diacon, the Dryad Global Brand has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. With operational bases across international time-zones Dryad Global benefits from improved operational resilience, strategic logistical advantages and a broad talent pool.  

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