Navigating the Superyacht Industry: Why is Professional Training Important?

Nowadays, crew training is indispensable to succeed in the yachting industry which is rapidly growing and becoming more professionalized. It is no longer enough to smile at the right person and jump on board yachts without any prior experience, training or qualification. 

All crew have to adhere to international maritime regulations and safety standards and must have the STCW basic safety training and ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate at the minimum. The STCW Basic Safety Training is mandatory for crew aiming to work on a charter or commercial yacht that is bigger than 24 meters (78 feet). The ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate is a medical examination that is issued by an MCA-approved doctor and proves the crew is fit to work onboard a yacht. Possessing the right training and certification makes employers confident that you have the skills needed for the role. 

Moreover, it has become a necessity to possess additional qualifications and certificates in order to gain a competitive edge over other crew candidates. Relevant work experience can also help you stand out when looking for a job, especially on yachts that have a specific focus, such as water sports, wellness, catering to families with children, and diving. Another way to increase your chances of getting hired is to take specialised courses respective to your desired position, such as culinary training, deckhand training or yacht crew training. 

An important thing to check is whether trainers are accredited, abiding by the industry’s strict regulations, and approved. The crew training facilities must be capable of showing that training will be provided under the supervision of employees with extensive knowledge of the practical use of modern techniques, procedures and systems.

Like in many other industries, training and acquiring accreditation requires financial resources. Nevertheless, professional training is an advantageous long-term investment that demonstrates to employers that you are devoted and take your job seriously. 

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