Navigating Towards a Greener Future: Sustainable Practices in Superyacht Industry

Sustainability is certainly one of the challenges that are currently impacting the superyacht industry. It is a topic that is on the radar of every company involved in yachting, including ship and yacht builders, architects, yacht designers, supply companies, brokerage houses, management, and yacht crew, as Chloé Collet stated in the recent YPI CREW article

To meet this challenge, companies are implementing sustainability agendas and pursuing eco-friendly practices. This includes developing green propulsion systems, onboard advanced technology, and carbon capture solutions while striving for zero emissions and decarbonisation. Each sector in the industry is exploring solutions specific to their area of expertise.

Implementing a sustainable approach to yachting extends beyond adhering to MARPOL or the IMO Polar Code that govern the management of waste, grey water, and sewage. It requires a diligent examination of the functions of each crew member onboard and building awareness across all departments on the importance of using sustainable products and implementing eco-friendly methods for onboard operations.

For instance, an audit of all products used on the deck and interior can be conducted to identify alternatives that are environmentally friendly in terms of the manufacturing process and their composition. In some cases, an amazing eco-friendly product may not be the best substitute if it is manufactured far away and must be shipped for thousands of kilometers when there are similar and eco-friendly products produced locally.

In addition, adopting efficient management and forward planning during the yacht building or refitting process can assist in decreasing the number of trips made to supply materials and products to the yacht, making it a more coordinated and sustainable strategy. It is important to consider the entire journey of the product or service, from the extraction of raw materials, through production, to the disposal to ensure an environmentally conscious yacht and crew. 

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