Barcelona Crew Academy


Barcelona Crew Academy is a training provider, based in Barcelona Port Vell.
We provide maritime and interior training for super yachts focused also on the crew placement & training for all departments on a yacht.

All of our courses are G.U.E.S.T. Program & IAMI Association approved and MCA certified.

The organization designed their courses to give students a real sense of the work they will be performing on board a Super Yacht. We help the students to develop  5* standard Luxury service skills & attitude. We follow the highest standards in the Super Yacht sector.

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  • Mastering Leadership: Skills and Styles for Success Palma International Boat Show: ACREW Crew Lounge
  • Stew/Interior Crew Session Astilleros de Mallorca Superyacht Crew Event
  • Mastering the Art of Wine: Luxury Service and Wine Tasting Vilanova Event
  • Chief Stew Afternoon Astilleros de Mallorca
  • Mastering Cigars: Essential Skills for Luxury Service Astilleros de Mallorca
  • Chief Stew Afternoon Astilleros Superyacht Crew Event
  • Wine Presentation to the Guest: Reading the Label Astilleros Superyacht Crew Event
  • Captain’s Morning Vilanova Mentoring Days
  • Luxury Protocol: Wine & Cigar Service and Recruitment Tips Official Crew Lounge at Palma Superyacht Village
  • Silver Service & Formal Table Setup with Barcelona Crew Academy Astilleros Superyacht Crew Event
  • Chief Stew Afternoon: The Guest Experience session Astilleros Superyacht Crew Event
  • Essential Skills to Lead and Manage Your Team Vilanova Mentoring Days
  • Covid Tips & Advice for Interior Service & Housekeeping Lunch & Learn Superyacht Crew Webinars
  • Cigar Tutorial: Essential knowledge about Cigars ACREW Online: Webinars for Superyacht Crew
  • Avanced Laundry module , laundry step by step, stain removal master class, delicate items treatment PTW Shipyard & Port Tarraco Superyacht Crew Event