The devastation caused by the hurricanes in 2017 is still causing suffering for the communities affected as the clear up continues. ACREW have valued the opportunity to help in encouraging dialogue and raising funds for the stricken superyacht region.


PANEL DISCUSSION: The Caribbean Season Following the Hurricanes. La Rascasse, Monaco Yacht Show 2017

Founder of ACREW Abigail McGrath is a believer in community and has been keen to use the ACREW platform to help the superyacht businesses and destinations affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria. When contacted to discuss how ACREW’s established platform at Monaco Yacht Show could be used to help share information about the upcoming Caribbean season to Captains, she was only too pleased to help.

The panel discussion that was hosted in La Rascasse by Abigail included key stakeholders in the region. It was an opportunity to hear from people on the ground that gave accurate and honest accounts of how well the Caribbean can cater to yachts this coming season. With insights and first-hand accounts, the panel was able to respond to the questions and concerns of the yachting community.

Abigail McGrath, Founder and Managing Partner of ACREW commented:

‘The timing of the Monaco event was perfect to speak directly to Captains that were having real trouble getting reliable information about superyacht destinations. It is perfect that ACREW is able to offer this type of platform’.

CAPTAIN’S BRIEFING: Caribbean Clean-up. ACREW Palma at Astilleros de Mallorca, Palma. 26th October 2017

In consultation with key Caribbean partners, ACREW Managing Partner Onno Ebbens hosted a further update on the hurricane clean-up ahead of many yachts crossing from Palma de Mallorca.

The discussion covered how well the region was coping and what developments meant for superyachts planning their Caribbean itineraries. The well-attended event afforded the opportunity to hear from people who have been or are on the ground in the Caribbean, updating them on the destinations and areas able to cater for superyachts this season. how do you get ivermectin
A Caribbean update presentation was also shared with the attending Captains and crew, please find this attached.
Onno Ebbens, Managing Partner of ACREW commented:

‘This discussion was of real value for the Captains planning their Caribbean season. As well as the information given to us by the Caribbean authorities and businesses, attending Captains and crew were able to help each other and share their own insights. It was a great thing to do and well appreciated.’


The final two events for ACREW in 2017 at Astilleros de Mallorca and Compositeworks Shipyards, were dedicated to raising funds to help the communities in the stricken regions. ACREW’s business partners were invited to gift a contribution at each event and ACREW donated 5€ for every Crew Member that attended were in attendance. ivermectin importin inhibitor
In total €4000 has been raised.
Together with the ACREW destination partner Yacht Club Port de Plaisance in Sint Maarten, a suitable community project will be selected to receive the funds. como tomar la ivermectina en tableta
Sincere thanks go to JOTUN, Nautiel Service, RoamingExpert, UAM, MedAire, Liquid Yacht Wear and VIP Service School for their kind donations.


PANEL DISCUSSION: The Caribbean Season Following the Hurricanes. La Rascasse, Monaco Yacht Show 2017


• Norina Edelman, Owner, International Marine Management and FKG Yacht Rigging and
• Lucille Frye, BWA Caribbean
• Kenny Jones, Vice President, IGY
• Owner’s Rep of 100m+ build
• Melanie Bennett, Guest Services Manager, Christophe Harbour