Sailing the Turkish Coastline with Elegance: Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions

A young couple that has known YACHTING more than 20 years has decided to open up a new company which makes a difference in the full service for yachts. Ersun is the one with technical skills and brain whereas the beautiful wife Ceylan has good communication and service skills and both promising for the ultimate service that a Yacht can get in their region. “We love what we are doing, and we are good at it” is the bold statement that they announce, and the couple is reaching the most demanding clients’ satisfaction by the motto of “service matters”. Throughout the years the experience gained by all handicaps is their solution for even the most difficult encounters. Ceylan keeps saying “if we can’t do it; none can do it” Bodrum- Didim- Datça- Marmaris- Göcek-Fethiye- Antalya and Istanbul is the reach of their expertise for the best service. 

Along the stunning coast of Turkey, a world of luxury cruising and bespoke experiences awaits adventurous travelers. Whether it’s exploring the charming town of Bodrum or discovering the hidden gems along the entire coastline of Turkey, Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions offer unparalleled services to super and mega yachts.

Mono Provisions: A Gastronomic Delight on the High Seas:
As yachts cruise along the Turkish coast, the culinary adventure is elevated to new heights by Mono Provisions. With a culinary team that takes pride in sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients, guests are treated to a symphony of flavors inspired by the region’s bountiful produce. From delightful seafood delicacies to handcrafted delicacies made with love and care, every meal aboard becomes a celebration of the senses.

Championing Sustainability Along the Turkish Riviera:
The commitment to sustainability echoes throughout every aspect of Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions’ operations. The companies take proactive steps to reduce their environmental impact, working closely with local suppliers to promote eco-friendly practices. By adopting innovative technologies, they ensure that the Turkish coastline remains a pristine sanctuary for generations to come.

Empowering Local Communities:
Beyond the turquoise waters, these companies recognize the significance of supporting local communities. Embracing a philosophy of responsible travel, Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions collaborate with artisans, farmers, and fishers along the coast, infusing authenticity into each journey. Guests are invited to explore Turkey’s vibrant culture, connect with the people, and immerse themselves in a tapestry of traditions.

Bespoke Experiences: Your Dream Voyage Awaits:
With Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions, the possibilities are limitless. Each cruising itinerary is customized to fulfill the desires and aspirations of every guest while the Mono team eases the operation of the charters for the captains and crew with their quick problem-solving attitude, professionalism, friendly approach, and transparency on the proformas.  Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins, engaging in thrilling water sports, or simply basking in the sun’s warmth, these companies craft bespoke experiences that leave an indelible mark on the heart both for the crew and clients.

Cruising the enchanting Turkish coastline is an experience like no other, and with Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions at the helm, it becomes an extraordinary adventure in luxury, sustainability, and cultural immersion. From the vibrant energy of Bodrum to the tranquility of the Turquoise Coast, the allure of Turkey’s maritime wonders knows no bounds. Embrace the elegance of the savor, the gastronomic delights and agency knowledge, cherish the natural beauty and support the communities that make this journey so remarkable. As you set sail on the Turkish Riviera, let Mono Yachting and Mono Provisions be your guides to an unforgettable voyage of a lifetime.