Serge DERIC, an Emergency Doctor, had a bright input on a distressing workday

Like thousands of doctors and employees in the health care system, Serge Deric will spend hours every day with different patients. He works at; l’institut Médico-Chirurgical Arnault Tzanck in Saint Laurent du Var and in Cannes.

Since COVID-19 hit France, the work has become more anxious and stressful. “Everyone is of course very careful not to contaminate us.” he says.

“You do go out with fear in your stomach. I feel like the virus is there, everywhere. I’m constantly being careful: when I open a door, when I press a button in an elevator, when I touch the door handles. Yet, I’m still afraid to carry the virus around” he says.

 Ruby Services helped him out

“The other day my car was broken, I was offered transport to work by Ruby Services. In top of it all, I like nice cars, so it was an encouraging beginning on a busy day.” Serge Deric says.

 During the crisis Ruby’s Limousine Services exceptionally offered to exchange their VIP clients with any of the local medical personnel, who could have a need for transport. This  offer was quickly validated by the mayor of Cannes in the beginning of March.

Hygiene to the highest standards

To avoid any virus spread, Ruby Services uses the latest technology, used in hospitals in over 50 countries. They use Pure Space to disinfect and sanitize the full interior of each car. ivermectin for lyme disease in humans Besides partnering with PureSpace Yachts the whole team at Ruby Services have undergone training to adapt to new hygiene measures. Obviously all employees wear gloves and masks. New masks and hand sanitizers are available for clients, but no other objects are at disposal on the passenger seats. After each trip, the car goes to a professional car wash. The chauffeur cleans the full interior, including the car’s door handles, steering wheel and gearshift. “Luckily, we had a big supply in the office before the crisis really started rolling” says CEO Mohamed Zouikri.

He continues “We are also about to set up kind of a ‘plexiglass airlock’ between the passenger’s seat and the front seats”. He wants to be 100% ready with new procedures for when the French lock-down is over. “We are used to caring for others in our profession, it’s not unusual for us at all, to walk the extra mile.” “We are named Ruby Services for a reason”. is ivermectin safe for a belgian malinois He says, with a big warm smile. Aside from transporting clients from A to B, Ruby Services always do small favors for them. “It’s the act of kindness that makes us all human, I regularly remind all my drivers about this” says Mohamed Zouikri.