Stamping Out in Mallorca Now Requires a Seaman’s Book

The senior police headquarters in Palma de Mallorca announced new instructions about the procedure of stamping out. 

The yacht crew that wants to stamp out in Palma de Mallorca are required to present their Seaman’s Book starting from the 1st of January 2024, as Lauren Beck reported in a recent article of TRITON. It is crucial for the yacht crew to possess the Seaman’s Book as a contract, employment letters or any other kind of documentation to be accepted as seafarer status proof anymore. 

If the Seaman’s Book of the flag state of the crew members’ residence is not shown, the crew will remain stamped in the country. As a consequence the days the crew member is not stamped out will be contributing towards the 90-day Schengen stay, if the crew member is not from the European Union. Once these 90 days have passed the crew member will have to leave the Schengen area. 

This new requirement is in line with the current legislation and is enforced to enable consistent standards. Thus, it is recommended for non-European Union crew to apply for a Seaman’s Book promptly.

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