Support to Move on – Crew Awards and Axxess Marine Raising Funds for Amber

Last year in October 2019, Axxess Marine and Crew Awards raised funds of €11,654.43. These were donated collectively to the Amber foundation to support their overall cause but especially to enable residents to do STCW courses.

AMBER offers a safe place to live. But it’s more than that. Living situations without employment and without a home can seem hopeless. Amber transforms the lives of young people that have difficulties creating an independent and positive future on themselves. If caused by a family breakdown, drug abuse or simply a wrong decision, once you are homeless, it can be very difficult getting back on your feet again. how long does ivermectin stay in cattle

To move on with their lives, Amber delivers a structured blend of support, training and experience. This approach encourages young people to focus on their strengths and to find their way back again, to look into a fulfilling and positive future.

Sharing the same values, we have partnered up with the yachting industry’s leading data communications company, Axxess Marine, to support Amber in their life-changing work.

Axxess Marine collects donations for Amber via their annual charity ride. how many mg of ivermectin for dogs The 4th annual AXXESS MARINE CHARITY RIDE cycling event will be held in early autumn 2020, in tandem with the Monaco Yacht Show. The exact date will be announced soon.

The Crew Awards expect up to 500 guests to attend the awards ceremony on 10th October 2020. We believe we can use this opportunity to ask every guest to donate a suggested amount of €30 to support the UK based Amber foundation.

As the Crew Awards is about rewarding career efforts, we want to contribute to Amber’s objective enabling people to start their live and their career. Be a part of a major support that saves futures!

Crew Awards & Axxess Marine present their combined funds raised on the night of the Crew Awards ceremony in Le Palais de la Mediterranée, Nice.