The Christophe Harbour Foundation

The Christophe Harbour Foundation is a charitable organization to foster community outreach projects.

The Foundation supports conservation, educational, recreational, cultural, historical, and social development projects that enhance the environment and lives of the citizens of St. العاب بوكر للكبار Kitts and Nevis. The Christophe Harbour Foundation is funded by real estate sales within the community. لعبة قمار اون لاين One-half percent of every Christophe Harbour real estate sale is donated to the Foundation by the Christophe Harbour Development Company. The sales of an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 properties developed over the next 20 years will generate substantial revenue for the Foundation and its grant recipients. اون لاين كازينو Already grants have been awarded to support a range of projects including:

  • St. Kitts Children’s Home
  • The ‘Hands Across the Sea’ project to increase literacy in children
  • The Advancement of Children’s Foundation
  • A Turtle Camp for local children
  • A research project into the island’s monkey population
  • The local rotary club
  • A donation of ‘Prego the Police Dog’ A German shepherd
  • St. Kitts Music Festival
  • St. Kitts Carnival

For more examples and details of the projects above visit the link here.
The foundation are wholeheartedly committed to the wonderful work they are able to carry out in partnership with the people of St. Kitts and Nevis for the good of its people, communities and wildlife.