The French Yachting Touch

PMS is led by Thomas Kieffer, whose lifelong passion for sailing and the sea has contributed to the rapid growth of PMS. Headquartered in Marseille, PMS was established in 1998, initially offering services to shipowners and crew. As a result of our expertise in French yacht crew management, we have become the national leader in this field. France is renowned as one of the world’s most popular destinations, particularly along the beautiful coastline of the Côte d’Azur, where luxury abounds. Our strategic location enables us to effectively fulfill the needs of shipowners and crew within the yachting sector.

With our unwavering commitment to values such as rigor, respect, and responsiveness, we possess the qualifications to offer a range of services including employment, crew administration, and ship management. We provide opportunities for various roles on board, including seafarers, captains, deckhands, engineers, chefs, and stewards.

Additionally, we handle the French Social Security System for Seafarers, efficiently managing the administrative aspects such as salary payments, charges, withholding taxes, and other obligations.

The Advantages of the French Flag: RIF

By obtaining the RIF, PMS can establish a permanent presence in France to conduct activities for international companies. The RIF serves as the French registry for commercial ships in both shipping and yachting sectors. It not only provides fiscal benefits and social protection but also represents France’s commitment to maritime security and safety standards. The RIF offers a streamlined registration process supported by a dedicated team focused on fleet development, making it an appealing choice for eligible vessels.

The French Social Security System for Seafarers: ENIM

For seafarers residing on a vessel during their contract(s), a minimum actual stay of more than 6 months (183 days or more) is required, assessed on a rolling 12-month period.

ENIM covers comprehensive social insurance, with the exception of the family branch, which is connected to the national insurance system. It provides coverage for risks associated with illness, maternity, disability, death, workplace accidents, and also includes provisions for old age.

With PMS, you can be assured of obtaining this policy.

Achieving Efficiency in Success

Our global reach and extensive candidate database enable us to connect with individuals worldwide, ensuring we offer the most suitable job opportunities. We proudly collaborate with over 900 seafarers, manage a fleet of over 200 boats, and maintain trustworthy relationships with each of our valued partners.

In order to prioritize the interests of our seafarers, we have established an internal platform that streamlines communication. This approach simplifies processes such as contract signing, certificate management, expense documentation, work orders, and any other pertinent documents, all conveniently arranged on PMS’ Platform.