Top 10 Reasons to Work on a Superyacht

Like any other job, working as a yachtie on a superyacht comes with amazing perks, next to its challenges. You might already know some perks of a career in yachting, such as travel and money, but there is so much more to superyachting benefits. Below is an overview top 10 reasons to work on a superyacht.

1. No living costs

Working on board a superyacht means no living costs. As a yachtie, you will have free accommodation, food, drinks, toiletries, work attire, and medical insurance. With little to no expense at all while working on a superyacht, yachties can save a lot of money during their work onboard. 

2. Salary 

The salary in the super yachting industry is known to be quite generous. The level of pay yachties receive depends, among others, on the level of their qualifications, skills and previous experience. 

3. Tips

Next to receiving a lavish salary, especially when working on charter yachts, yachties can expect generous tips ranging from five to twenty percent. When not so much opportunity is presented for gaining tips, other incentives such as bonuses, more time off, or bigger holiday allowances are possible. 

4. Experience and skill acquisition

Jobs in the superyacht industry are like no other. Working in yachting provides opportunities for gaining skills apart from problem-solving, communication, and professionalism that can be gained in any job. While working onboard you will gain a range of invaluable skills and knowledge, such as setting up yacht toys, becoming an expert in art, wine or making cocktails. 

5. Having fun

Having fun is also a part of the job of the crew on board. As a yachtie, next to other skills, you might get an opportunity to learn new skills, such as operating yachting toys such as a Seabob, or an eFoil. 

6. Meeting new people

Working as a yachtie requires spending weeks or months at a time, seven days a week and 24 hours per day with fellow crew members. Spending so much time with the crew might form strong lifelong friendships and relationships. Next to that, you might meet some very powerful people, with whom you can form connections. This can offer you some incredible opportunities to enhance your career. 

7. Luxurious and exotic destinations

Another enticing perk is that yachties get to travel to some of the most stunning and exceptional places in the world. Although it might not always be possible to explore the destination in the way you want, you will certainly discover and enjoy places that you would have never visited otherwise. 

8. Lifestyle change

Working on board a superyacht is one of the most exciting ways to break out of a boring slow-paced lifestyle. Working on a superyacht means working in a fast-changing environment which can sometimes be challenging. Despite the irregular schedules and long working hours, you will get a glimpse of a luxurious lifestyle on a superyacht and the most remarkable scenery. 

9. Time off opportunities

One of the characteristics of superyacht jobs is seasonality. This means that as a yachtie you will be working for a while and then have time off, for a month or more. This will allow you to reunite with your family and friends onshore, and have more time for new adventures. 

10. Career enhancement opportunities

The superyacht industry offers many career-enhancing opportunities for the crew. The more experience and skills you gain the more opportunities for more responsibilities and promotions are offered. 

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