Which lift should I choose for my superyacht?

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In the realm of superyachts, the greatest example of form and function being married beautifully is a high-quality marine lift. A variety of marine lifts are available, each serving distinct purposes with unique advantages. As a leading luxury yacht elevator company specializing in the design, engineering, and construction of yacht lift systems, they are delighted to introduce three compelling choices for your consideration:

Cylindrical Glass Lift

A cylindrical glass lift is perfect for when you want your lift to breathe elegance into the space. Marvel at this beauty of engineering with a completely transparent glass exterior. Charm your guests as they experience all of the decks of your vessel and see all its intricacies first-hand. As they are being steadily shuttled through your yacht they will feel almost like they are flying.

In the design stage of creating your cylindrical glass lift you can request bespoke elements crafted to complement the surroundings of the yacht’s interior. Make it your own by choosing different metal finishes such as stainless steel or bronze to add accents to the lift shaft and car. HML’s recommendation of the perfect place for this lift on your superyacht would be a central location such as the middle of a spiral staircase for maximum use and display. This custom yacht lift would be the perfect addition to the most extravagant of superyachts.

Passenger Lift

A passenger lift can be slightly larger than a cylindrical glass lift and have a lot more functionality regarding how it will be used at sea. Similarly to the other lift solutions they can provide, the passenger lift they offer operates with an exceptionally low running noise, ensuring your guests won’t be disturbed by unwanted mechanical sounds. The ride quality of the passenger lift is incredibly smooth, reflecting the serene experience of sailing through calm waters on your yacht.

One great reason for installing a passenger lift in your yacht is the improved accessibility that it can bring to your guests. By adding wheelchair access, you can open up the wondrous world of superyachts to everyone.

This is more of a crew-focused solution and would be the main workhorse of the vessel in getting laundry or luggage from A to B. Your crew can also use the lift to move around the boat more efficiently and tend to all of the passengers’ needs. Working on a superyacht is a physically demanding job, therefore, improving logistics on your boat will only make your guests and your crew happier. 

Holland Marine Lifts can also provide non-passenger lift solutions for the purpose of the smooth running of your superyacht.

Custom Made Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiters have existed and been used for thousands of years, with the first recorded use in 200 BC by the Ancient Romans. A dumbwaiter forgoes the purpose of ferrying people around your ship, and instead is a trusted tool streamlining the running of the galley, without the need to climb stairs. A superyacht dumbwaiter is the pinnacle of efficiency when serving food and moving items around a vessel with multiple decks. This can either be built and then installed by being hoisted onto your superyacht or have HML’s engineers physically build the lift on the boat. A custom-made dumbwaiter would be the perfect choice for those who are no strangers to entertaining a large group of guests with incredible dinner parties. Enjoy faster table service and the reduced risk of dropping plates when trying to navigate stairs allowing you to serve food with the efficiency of a high-end restaurant. 

Apart from these lift models, tailored lift solutions can be crafted specifically for your superyacht, accounting for the existing structure and your unique requirements. You can rest assured when selecting an installation location on your yacht; all lifts can be customized to fit the available space.

As authorities in marine lift construction, the primary objective is to deliver an exceptional piece of engineering that garners appreciation from everyone setting foot on your vessel.