A Knowledge of Towels

– For Stews and Chief Stews –

Knowing everything there is to know about the towels you use every day is a wonderful thing. Understanding how the blend of materials and weave is specifically suited to the role the towel will play is both empowering and fascinating. The power of this experience is that Brin are craftsmen; both manufacturing and distributing their towels. Being in front of passionate experts that live and breathe high end linen will be incredible. Attendees will be able to experience the texture, touch and feel of a huge range of towels; each brought to illustrate the important decisions that have to be made when ordering. Any question from washing, preserving life, matching colours and the ordering process will be answered and much importance will be placed upon the sharing of best practice between stewardesses. Learn and share the story of a hand crafted towel, it is deeper than you might think!

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