ACREW & Partners Donating To The Senior Citizen Charity – Golden Age Foundation

Sint Maarten was appraised as one of the islands with the strongest resilience after Hurricane
Irma. However the communities were still affected and ACREW valued the opportunity to help
in encouraging dialogue and raising funds for the stricken superyacht region – with the help and
support of our partners we raised over 4,000 US dollars to go to those in need.

The final two events for ACREW in 2017 at Astilleros de Mallorca and Compositeworks Shipyard
were dedicated to raising funds to help the communities in the stricken regions. ACREW’s business
partners were invited to gift a contribution at each event. ACREW donated €5 for every crew
member that attended. During Sint Maarten Rendezvous in 2018 the cheque was presented to
Yacht Club Port de Plaisance so they could select a suitable charity.

This year at Sint Maarten Rendezvous, we invite you to join us for a drinks reception along with
our partners to look forward and learn where the money raised will be put to work by the chosen
charity the Home Away From Home Foundation. A sincere thanks to all of our partners including
JOTUN, Nautiel Service, RoamingExpert, United Advisers Marine, MedAire, Liquid Yacht Wear
and VIP Service School for their generous and kind donations, to commemorate this cause and
raise awareness for those still struggling and in need.



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