Roundtable: An insight into superyacht crew recruitment with Avnish Dhall

This roundtable has been cancelled.

Take the opportunity to sit down with one of the Yachting industry’s’ most well-respected superyacht Captains, owner’s representative and fleet managers. This roundtable is an opportunity to address how superyachts can improve their recruitment processes. As a group, explore what works and what doesn’t for other Captains, peers and Avnish himself. This session will analyse traditional recruitment methods Vs the booming world of social media.

Highly regarded in the yachting industry for having some of the lowest turnover of staff onboard, Captain turned recruitment expert Avnish Dhall has always been passionate about superyacht recruitment. Avnish has spent the last few years exploring what we can learn in yachting from other business sectors. In this time, he recently invested in Monjin Yachting,
an online video interviewing platform customised for the yachting industry by Yachting professionals. Avnish and ACREW invite you to join this session for an opportunity to absorb invaluable knowledge, hints and tips from Avnish and fellow Captains and heads of department.

This roundtable has been cancelled.


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