Biotechnological Products: Teak Maintenance, Odor Elimination & Waste Water treatments

– For First Officers & Deck Crew 

This interactive workshop will outline great power of biotechnological maintenance products while caring about the environment.

TEAK – The properties of teak wood, why stains appear and how to maintain and clean it. With plenty of real teak for crew to get their hands on, Nautiel Cleaning Services will share their expert tips and tricks with all manner of stains, wear and tear and maintenance issues. Biological teak cleaner is the new frontier in cleaning technology as it is non-toxic, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Crew will have the opportunity to try this out live in the workshop.

ODORS and WASTE WATER TREATMENTS – Once more, biotechnological products make the difference, solving some of the biggest matters on board, in a completely new approach, totally efficient and environment friendly using the power of nature.


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