Blood and Breaks: The Basics of Bleeding and Fracture Management

In this short introduction to first response onboard, Sara Butler from MedAire will look at how to conduct a primary survey assessment of a casualty onboard based on military field response training.

Different types of bleeds will be analysed, and demonstrations of effective treatment using direct pressure, Celox and tourniquet (as a last resort) will feature. The session will also cover SHOCK, what it is and how you can use simple techniques to assist in preventing its onset in a casualty. We will take a look at the different ways someone can sustain a fracture, looking at direct and indirect force and the different ways to treat different types of fracture.

The session finishes with a multiple trauma casualty scenario, where participants will look to use the techniques learned in the session to treat the casualties’ multiple injuries, treat for shock and prepare for aeromedical evacuation.



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