Blood and Breaks- The Basics of Bleeding and Fracture Management

In this short introduction different types of bleeds will be analysed, and demonstrations of effective treatment using direct pressure, Celox and tourniquet (as a last resort) will feature. The session will also cover shock, what it is and how you, as a first responder onboard, can use simple techniques to assist in preventing its onset in a casualty, improving long term recovery. We will take a look at the different ways someone can sustain a fracture, looking at direct and indirect force and the different ways to treat different types of fracture.

The equipment used for fracture management in the MedAire system will be presented, including the gold standard vacuum splints, a KTD traction splint, a pelvic sling and a vacuum mattress. In order to really gauge the effectiveness of learning it needs to be applied.

The session finishes with a multiple trauma casualty scenario, where participants will look to use the techniques learned in the session to treat the casualties’ multiple injuries, treat for shock and prepare for aeromedical evacuation



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