Captain’s Morning: Navigation & Communications Session

The morning on the 24th will focus on Navigation and Communication sessions for Captains. There will be panel discussions held by our partners Akumendo, Maritime2Mobile, ACREW+, Inmarsat and CNSAT.


Key note speaker: Diego Colón de Carvajal, CEO, Astilleros de Mallorca

Reading the stars. A Fascinating History of Cosmography and Astronomy for Oceanic Navigation

This talk is a rare opportunity to hear Diego Colon share his extensive knowledge on the history of oceanic navigation dating back to the writings of the eminent explorer Marco Polo.

The advent of the printing press popularised Marco’s Polo’s texts alongside Arabic works on Cosmography and the development of knowledge of astronomy in the Iberian Peninsula. This new wealth of knowledge enabled the jump from coastal navigation to oceanic navigation. Christopher Columbus, famously applied this new knowledge in search of the Asian continent, sailing West. Diego Colon will tell the fortunate audience of Christopher Columbus’s in-depth nautical knowledge and detail the practical implementation as he explored the world.



Akumendo will present the benefit of a full packaged User Interface and Guest Book system and the benefit of the video compression for internet on board, using your own device or your own TV box from shore to ship. Thanks to a small gateway on your network, you can enjoy your favourite content onboard without jeopardising the available bandwidth.


Maritime2Mobile will discuss the overview of Global 4G Communication options for Yachts and Crew available today. Including questioning how do Data Services work at sea, Wi-Fi on board and Roaming costs in the Caribbean. What options do you have to stay in contact with friends and family for as little cost as possible and what is 5G and does it work at sea.


CNSAT will be giving a description of the on-board systems will be shown. What are their functions, what there is behind them. How these systems, considered as stand-alone systems, afflict the space, the weight and the power consumption. How they are reliable and future proof. Systems like CCTV, Entertainment, Home Automation, Network are often in charge to the chief Eng. or ETOs but sometimes they have no support from the companies or manufacturers. A new architectural philosophy will help them to maintain the systems making easier the remote support. We’ll discover how integration will improve reliability giving the same performances or more. Furthermore, this new architecture will come with new services that will improve the owner and guest entertainment experience. This is SMART Architecture.

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