Chief Stew Session: Improving Chief Stew Excellence Onboard

Whether you’re starting as a Chief Stew or trying to improve in your role, this session will help you improve your excellence onboard to help better understand and manage your team in order to improve guest experience. Experts in the industry will be flying in to provide you with essential lessons on how to develop yourself in order to become an excellent Chief Stew. BWA Yachting, Iberian Yacht Solutions, Mynterior Mallorca and I.D Creators will be presenting during this session. 

BWA Yachting

BWA Yachting will focus on cross-cultural awareness & etiquette onboard, such as how to communicate effectively with guests, owners and crew from diverse backgrounds. Understanding and respecting cultural differences, how to train, praise and motivate crew and how to avoid problems with discipline and conflict resolutions. Another topic that BWA will be discussing is Mental Health onboard such as the types of problems faced by crew ie. eating disorders, alcohol and substance abuse, relationship issues, loneliness, stress, etc. BWA will explain the importance of creating safe spaces and having a supportive environment and how to encourage healthy practices and lifestyles. BWA will also discuss mental health first aid and how to cope during a crisis.

Iberian Yacht Solutions

Iberian Yacht Solutions will discuss the different ways of how a Chief Stew can efficiently manage her team in order to provide excellent service to the guests onboard. Management skills are crucial in every industry – and the yachting industry is almost all about managing: managing the situation, the stress, the pressure, the time, the team etc. We will cover all of these situations and use very practical examples to make sure the “message” of the session is well received. During the session, chief stews will have a chance to actively participate and share their experience and knowledge in order to achieve a higher awareness among the session participants.

Mynterior Mallorca

Mynterior Mallorca focuses on supplying high-quality exterior and interior upholstery and covers to both the yachting industry and private houses. Mynterior provides a bespoke service for any and every cover or upholstery imaginable. Mynterior will be giving expert advice and solutions on how to achieve the perfect result for your yacht, specific topics they will be discussing are covers and upholstery, materials, colours and cares. They will also make this session interactive by demonstrating sewing tricks and hand stitching.

I.D. Creators

In 1689, William of Orange travelled to London from The Netherlands, bringing a Dutch drink – gin – with him. Safe to say, it caught on. We discovered one of the very earliest gin recipes in the archives of the British Library, and have brought it back to life as Gin 1689.

Join us as we walk through the history of the creation of this gin and how the story came to life. During this session, you will be able to try the different kinds of gin & tonics and gin cocktails. Gin 1689 is enriched with history and has a great story that is worth sharing with your guests onboard.

Dutch inspiration, British sensation – try it and be part of our kind of history.


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