Crew personal safety: Empowering crew to understand their boundaries, rights, and access to support.

Yachting is an exciting and enticing industry but sometimes the eagerness to secure a new role can cause crew to be exposed to problematic or unsafe situations. This workshop, inspired by ISWAN’s ‘Personal safety for job-seeking yacht crew’ resource, will encourage crew to have a better awareness of their personal and professional boundaries, an increased understanding of their rights, and to be equipped with the knowledge of where to turn for support should they ever need it. The workshop will aim to empower crew to become more conscious of their own wellbeing and personal safety, and to remember that there is strength in knowing that you always have a choice.


Learning Points:

1. Increased awareness of personal and professional rights and boundaries

2. Increased recognition of red flag behaviors

3. Information on where to turn for support if something happens to make you feel unsafe




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