Glass and Fine Wine Tasting

When serving the best fine wines, such as those provided by No.12 Fine Wines, for owners and guests it is critical that the glass in which they are served is the correct one in order for the full taste to be savoured. This poses a dilemma for stews, as the myriad of glasses available for different wines need to be purchased and stored. Jamie and Andrew will present in this collaborative workshop how, with just three glasses the entire range of a well-stocked cellar can be appreciated without compromising quality. With a focus on some of the greatest Mallorcean wines available attendees will be versed in the phases of tasting and importantly, how to share this knowledge when onboard. Look, taste, attack, finish, all are part of the vocabulary that experienced tasters use to describe wine and this workshop will give plenty of opportunity to try and talk about some exceptional wine. As highly experienced suppliers to the superyacht industry, Andrew of No.12 Fine Wines and Jamie of Harlequin Interior are on hand to answer any questions around their products and effective ordering and re-stocking onboard.



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