Green Networking & Entrepreneurialism – An Opportunity after Yachting?

03:30 pm - 04:30 pm on 25th May 2020 (UTC+2), Webinarjam

1. What is green entrepreneurship?

2. What business opportunities do ex-yachties have?

3. How can you set up your business while still onboard?

It has been some years now that the yachting industry has joined the world’s sustainability movement. Something yacht crew generally have in common is the awareness of our environment.

Sustainable living has become an increasingly important topic, not only for private households and onboard yachts but also for entrepreneurs. The need for lowering carbon footprints, reducing plastic use, turning to chemical-free products, and practising a healthier lifestyle is all turning into a fast-growing market. Susie and Jelena, two green networkers and experienced yachties, will share their knowledge of being an entrepreneur in the green world. Sheree, an ex-yachtie and nowadays business coach, will also share her learnings & tips on setting up your own business when leaving boats.

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