Hazardous spills and filter systems

A workshop geared towards deck and engineers. This two-part session will focus on dealing with hazardous spills, filter systems and the prevention of fuel contamination.

Part 1 – Hazardous Spills
When dealing with hazardous spills we all know acting fast is key. But when it comes to that moment when a potentially incredibly dangerous spillage happens, how confident are you and your crew that you’re using the correct tools and equipment to decontaminate that affected area safely and correctly?

Emergency situations with hazardous waste and spillages are becoming more and more common and if not dealt with quickly and effectively can lead to long term damage not only to the environment but to crew also. In this session, you will leave armed with vital knowledge on how to deal with spills and what products best suit each situation, from experts in this field.

Part 2 – Filter Systems and Fuel Contamination
Attending this session will arm you with confidence to deal with filter construction, system functions and performance dynamics. The team of NAPA will share their knowledge on how to prevent fuel contamination and discussing today’s modern fuel issues like rising ethanol content in gasoline, water problems in your fuel systems and engine and the damage it could cause without the correct protection.

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