Headline: Invaluable insights from 20+ years experience as a Captain and Fleet Manager

The headline seminar will offer a unique insight from the perspective of Avnish Dhall; not only a former captain, but also an owner’s representative and fleet manager. Avnish will draw on his experience to discuss how yachts can be successfully managed to yield the best financial and service results. In particular, Avnish will look at crewing – normally contributing to over 40% of the operational cost of running a yacht. As the Captain of MY Indian Empress, Avnish was renowned for retaining crew for many years beyond industry average, with highly positive results both financially and operationally.

Avnish will also explore some of the new, more disruptive, businesses emerging in yachting. He will analyse how these new opportunities can also help owners maximise the benefits of having a superyacht as an asset.


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