How to enhance standards through training on board and ashore

In this workshop, training experts will share valuable insights into training opportunities with the purpose of enhancing the standard onboard. Paul from Powerboat Training UK will speak about PW operations and their pitfalls, Anastasia from Anchor VR will share her knowledge on the future of training and Mark from Orchid Risk Management will share his insights on security awareness. A great webinar, with short sessions, giving food for thought on training.

“Being an RYA Training Centre for PW – pitfalls and overcoming them” (Powerboat Training UK)

1. PW Operations preparations

2. Stopping PW Operations by guests

3. Comprehensive guest briefings


“Virtual Reality in the Training environment” (Anchor VR)

1. Understand the future of SOP training and how to improve skills onboard

2. Does VR or AR work for my vessel


“Training and confidence in security at work and home” (OrchidRisk)

1. Be a better version of yourself

2. Promote a positive security culture

3. Raise your own and others awareness through training





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