Taking advantage of the lockdown to improve procedures on board while enhancing crew welfare and guest safety

Using technology in training. This is a good opportunity to review procedures whilst there is still downtime and getting ready for when the upturn comes and crew and yachts need to be back operating at their professional best.

Procedures And Process Onboard

  1. Learn about efficient procedures onboard.
  2. Learn what you need to have ready for the upcoming season.


Covid Cabin-fever

Climbing the cabin walls? Craving space or craving company..? Join us and give yourself some nourishing food for thought..

Starter –  some useful insights into how your introverted or extraverted preferences play out in times of stress.

Main Course – Learn to recognise the same in your crew-mates and friends and family and reap the benefits of your increased self awareness and ability to support those around you.

Desert – Finish it all off with an exploration into strategies to help you manage your own and others state of mind.

And if you still have room – let’s share some top tips that are useful for everyone on lockdown!


Helicopters onboard

Paul from Helidecks is going to talk about the current situation regarding helidecks on-board yachts and the some of the challenges they can present.

He is also going to looking into the potential problem areas regarding conducting heli- operations especially during guest trips.  He will share his experience with many different types of yacht helidecks to provide lots of helpful advice and tips on how to conduct safe and efficient helo-ops during busy operations periods.




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