ISS: Breakfast Seminar

Risk Intelligence Analysis in Yachting
Effective tools for managing risk

In recent months we have witnessed an apparent increase in significant incidents including fires, flooding and groundings. These events have the potential to result in devastating and life-threatening occurrences. Is there really an increase or is it just that the industry needs to be better informed? If there is truly an increase, is there a general issue with how risk is managed on yachts? The panel will discuss these recent events and examine if the industry needs to be better equipped to mitigate these risks.

• What tools are needed to assist with this?

• What is the Underwriters perspective regarding risk intelligence management?

• What approach should yachts take to proactively prepare to prevent such disasters?

• Why are flooding and grounding incidents occurring?

• Will e-bikes, scooters, or tools powered by Lithium-Ion batteries be banned onboard superyachts?

• What is the proper method for monitoring EV-Tenders, Submersibles, or Personal Watercraft?

• Is there early warning technology available to combat this very real risk?

• Have regulations or specific processes been established?

• Which fire suppression method should be used?

• Where can the crew be best trained to be able to best respond to these fast-escalating circumstances?

• How does the existing regulatory framework sit with the advent of new technologies, particularly in light of the proliferation of lithium-ion battery systems?

• All these questions and more will be answered on the 29th. Join us for an engaged and informative discussion on this pressing matter for all Owners, Management and Crew.


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