Crew Lunch

A nutritious lunch will be provided by well-being and nutrition experts Active Atlas, leaving you feeling fulfilled and full of energy. On Monday this healthy yet delicious lunch is kindly sponsored by Global Maritime Listings.

– Leafy green simple smoothie shot

– Roast Pumpkin bulgur wheat, peptise and spinach salad

– Poached chicken, green lentil chimichurri box

– For a treat, homemade Bo Bom gelato ice cream

The Global Maritime Listings App is ready to be launched at the ACREW Lounge this year! This is a new marketing tool bridging the gap for Brokers and Owners of the maritime, island, villa and marina industries.

The GML App will be a more conventional, easy-to-use platform for brokers to market their portfolios and listings. The goal here is to inevitably assist the broker to increase the sales of their listings and offer convenient viewings whether it be superyachts, marinas, islands and villas to clients.

The GML team are sponsoring ACREW’s Monday lunch during the show from 12.30 – 13.30 at the Official Crew Lounge. Come and meet the team behind the app and learn about how their business model aims to empower and support the Brokers and its house on a commission-free basis.

Registration for this workshop has now closed.