Rachel Oliver (MEng Cantab) and Rob Langford-Wood (MEng Hons) from Osprey Marine Electronics present their take on the most common electronics issues on board and discuss how to generate solutions. Osprey provide a holistic approach to management and support for electrical and electronics systems. Their experience in the industry affords them the opportunity to see those problems that present themselves again and again. Often a couple of technical tips and some ideas around managing electronics is enough to turn a problem around before it becomes a nightmare.

This workshop will focus on making your technology work for you, allowing you to make the best of what you have onboard already. Discussions around some of the new technologies they will present will focus on practical day to day use, and further discussion around future-proofing will end the session. Much of the technical work carried out on a superyacht goes unnoticed but electrical problems often have an instant and direct effect on everyone on the yacht. Anyone with responsibility for electronics on-board would benefit greatly from attending this workshop and talking with these guys!

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