Reducing Single-Use Plastics in Yachting

This workshop is all about reducing and avoiding the use of single-use plastics from yachting. Clear Ocean Pact, is a nonprofit initiative dedicated to changing the culture and practices of the superyacht industry for the long-term benefit of our oceans. They aim to explore innovative solutions to stop microplastic waste and provide viable alternatives to single-use plastic items used in yacht operations around the globe.

By visiting this unique workshop, you will learn about viable alternatives to single-use plastic, the dangers of microplastic waste and some simple solutions that are easy to incorporate into any yacht’s operations an could have an immediate impact!

The workshop will host several guest speakers including Dean Harrison also known as #theyachtchef to hear his take on viable alternatives and will also be supported by Hannah from Viveco who will elaborate on plastic alternatives and the toxins you need to avoid to create a green, clean lifestyle or yacht.


Registration for this workshop has now closed.