Sail through your deck qualifications with the PYA

The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) provides an insider guide on how to prepare for and apply for your OOW.

The workshop will cover:

• The application process for MCA NoE leading to a CoC • Required certificates for application for OOW 3000

• Certificate updates, expiry dates and limitations • Sea Service – how to record sea service, good practices, verification, testimonials

• Training Record Book (for Yacht Ratings and OOW3000) – guide on how to complete your TRB, do’s and don’ts, essential tasks and assessments

• Training: prerequisites, guidelines on how to get the most out of your courses and exam expectations.

The most recent information and updates will be shared about the required qualifications for the next step on your career and qualifications ladder


Alison Houghton

Sea Service Assistant in the Service Record Book department of the PYA


Registration for this workshop has now closed.