Showcase of the World’s Finest Pork: Professional Demonstration for Superyacht Chefs

Chefs are invited to join Paulo and Maarten from NeKo Yacht Supply to learn about, cook and taste some of the world’s best pork. The meat will be cooked using the state of the art Ofyr barbeque, which comprises of a cone shaped fire bowl surrounded by a flat rim that acts as a hotplate. The meats, sourced from ancient breeds, fed a perfect diet and respected with the highest levels of animal husbandry, are wonderfully flavorsome. Meats include Livar pork meat, raised in the Abbey in Lilbosch, Holland, Duke of Berkshire pork from ancient breeds in England and Fresh Iberico, the famous acorn fed pigs from Spain alongside a wide range of other high-end pork products.

Learn about these finest meats from a leading butcher and experience preparing and cooking them for yourself on the Ofyr barbeque. We’ll then invite all your fellow crew to sample and enjoy over lunch!

Registration for this workshop has now closed.