Breakfast Seminar: Sustaining Crew Welfare “Proactive Yachting Health Care & Cyber Safety” with Dryad Global & Vikand Solutions

Executives of leading companies in maritime health care, cyber security, crew mental health, training and management gather to discuss new technologies in seafarer welfare.

Crew health and wellness touches every facet of yacht operation: aboard, ashore and in cyberspace, deeply affects reputation management and creates critical communications between principals, managers, and owners. The crew is the #1 operational cost and critical to safety and well-being. Attention and legislation are increasing, including mandates on cyber hygiene/Internet. The ACREW MYS Seminar serves to launch a pro-active approach to wellness in the broadest sense and is intended to provide intelligence and proven systems for health, wellness and cyber technologies for captains, crew, ownership, management, and all the way to build.



Norma Trease

Primary Speakers:

Corey Ranslem, Dryad Global

Paul Morgan, VIKAND

Supporting Panelists:

Karine Rayson, Crew Coach

Graeme Lord, Fairport Yacht Management



Mini Viennoiserie, Yogurt & Granola Fruit Salad, Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice, Water


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