Tarnishing, Chips And Washing Up Tips

How to care for your tableware and interior accessories

The wealth of high end products that need to be cleaned, maintained and stored effectively on a superyacht provides a set of unique challenges to Stews. In this hands-on workshop, Harlequin reveal some trade secrets and give generic guidelines that they hope will set your mind at ease. Armed with an array of cleaning products, Stews will be shown how to remove stains and blemishes avoiding damage and retaining the lifespan of the product.

Tips about stowage of products will go hand in hand with how to deal with minor damage that is repairable. The perennial issue of re-ordering for damaged goods or those that are beyond recovery will also be tackled, with sound advice given from the supplier’s perspective.

Discussing silverware, the vast variety of plate finishes and how to care for crystal Harlequin will share their expertise. The Harlequin team know their products and manufacturers extremely well and are keen to pass this knowledge onto you at their workshop.


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