THE 6 ESSENTIAL WINE TASTING ELEMENTS Experienced Through the Wines of France

Look. Smell. Taste. Attack Phase. Evolution Phase. Finish. These are the fundamentals of casting your senses over any wine that you are lucky enough to come into contact with! Whether a bargain supermarket special or a vintage Burgundy, you can apply these principles and hopefully learn to discern notes and flavours, as well as learning what you like. Having these simple six phases in your mind when tasting gives you a structure to focus upon and then a vocabulary with which to share your thoughts with others. Corker’s Fine Wines will enthusiastically guide you through some of the classic wine regions of France, presenting their wines and then using this structure to help you to develop your taste buds and understanding of tasting. Fortunately, the workshop rolls straight into the Corker’s sponsored happy hour, so you can continue to impress your friends with your new found sophisticated wine palette!

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