The Realities of the Migrant Crisis: A 2016 Update

What is clear about the migrant crisis, more than anything, is that it is not going to go away soon. Already the statistics for early 2016 suggest the problem is escalating, not relenting. Wayne Britton of Securewest provides an update for Captains and interested crew about the complexities of the problem. He will distill the huge amount of information that is out there on the subject into clear points, made relevant to the maritime and superyacht sectors. Also conveyed will be an understanding how government policy and intervention effects the use of each of the main routes into Europe and what the statistics are saying right now. What does this mean, if anything, to your travel plans this season? And of course there will be clear and up to date information about what actions are recommended should you meet a migrant boat. To illustrate this there will be case studies analysed from real situations that Captains found themselves in last year and a discussion will follow as to what courses of actions could, and were, taken.


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