Tips & Tricks on how to start your own Business

In this webinar you will learn about:

1. The importance of validating your business concept and using your network to establish who could be viable customers.

2.Discovering and communicating your value proposition and brand.

3.How funding can help get you to the next stage and the importance of strategic investors.

Yachting Ventures is a new online accelerator programme for those looking to launch a startup in the yachting space. We have brought together Gabriella, the founder of Yachting Ventures, Edward, who started Gym Marine after 6 years of working on yachts and Marcela, who was previously a Director at ICON Yachts and has recently started her own consulting business for the yachting industry.
Learn all about your business concept, your value proposition, and your brand. These aspects are key to building a successful business. Gabriella, Marcela, and Edward will also explain how funding can help bring your business to the next level, as well as the importance of developing relationships with mentors and advisers as you validate and launch your product or service.



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