YCPDP Captains’ Discussion: Considerations for Superyacht Dock Expansion

As the operational company for the Yacht Club at Port de Plaisance, MMC`s Director of Operations, Jesse Peterson will host a round table with a group of prominent superyacht captains in order to discuss the full details and plans of expanding the dockage in the marina. During the discussion Jesse will also answer any questions and update the group on the Yacht Club’s readiness, plans, and upgrades for this year’s winter season. This includes details of the Yacht Club`s newest addition Wyndham hotel and onsite Resort to Captains who will be visiting Sint Maarten for the upcoming winter season.

The Yacht Club at Port de Plaisance prides itself on client collaboration as this ensures their new developments and additions are always in line with their expectations and welcomes the input offered. Common Yacht Club questions include: What amenities and services do Captains look for in optimal marina dockage? How could the Yacht Club improve your overall experience?



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