Yacht Security Consultations

Security expert Wayne Britton of Securewest International is offering an additional service to yachts at Palma Superyacht Show; complimentary onboard yacht security consultations. They provide an easy way for any security concerns, however small to be answered by an expert without cost or commitment. Highly experienced in yacht security, Wayne finds the following topics often of concern to Captains:

  • Crew safety onboard and ashore
  • High risk transits
  • The Mediterranean migrant crisis
  • The use of Maritime Threat Assessments
  • Crew safety training
  • Terrorism
  • Destinations off the beaten track
  • Duty of care for your crew and guests
  • ISPS

Happy to come aboard to talk through any issues, just ask an ACREW member for an introduction, email Wayne, waynebritton@securewest.com, or catch him at one of his workshops!

Registration for this workshop has now closed.