The Day of the Seafarer – 25th June 2019

This 25th June, the World celebrates the Day of the Seafarer (DotS).

The theme this year is gender equality onboard; specifically focused on highlighting the contributions and value of all the female professionals out there that help make the Seafarer World what it is today. لعب اون لاين  

All of us at ACREW stand firmly behind this and encourage everyone involved with Superyachts to support the IMO’s #IAmOnBoard initiative; something that we believe is incredibly important for our industry.  

With the annual Crew Awards voting still open until 30th June, please take the opportunity to recognise an outstanding woman (or man) from the Superyacht community that you feel is making an important contribution.

We are delighted to see that we already have the following female nominees, for what are traditionally more male dominated positions:

  • Carol Benbrook nominated for Captain Master 3000GT Crew Award
  • Bianca Jade Murphy nominated as the only female for the Chef Crew Award
  • Thaleia Lewis and Melanie Furniss both nominated for the Chief Engineer & ETO Crew Award
  • Barbara Clerc and Lourentia Schreuder both nominated for the First Officer Crew Award

Additionally we note with interest that the Entrepreneur Crew Award has 11 female nominees and 12 male nominees, so it is almost equally divided.

By voting for our nominees in one of the twenty award categories (you can see them here) you give them the recognition for their hard or extraordinary work onboard.

We all need encouragement and recognition to flourish and feel fulfilled in what we do, so please use your vote before the deadline for submissions closes at the end of this month! كازينو اون لاين عربي