Can you Make Quick Decisions Under Pressure? ISM and SOLAS – Informing the Human Element

ISM and SOLAS aim to remove the human element to reduce risk, but what happens when the human element is having to make a real choice in real time to protect life? In this workshop you will hear situations at sea where quick decisions were needed and assertive action was required and how to take the contents of the vessel’s safety manuals and convert them into lifesaving choices. Crew will hear that they have a duty to one another when it comes to safety and how their life is in the hands of the weakest crew member.

This will all be done in a fun, interactive way with quizzes and challenges to test knowledge of SOLAS and ISM, and decision making under pressure. This workshop is suitable for every crew department as we aim to build an understanding of responsibility and the importance of good communication and informed choices.

What you will learn:

1. Using your Vessel’s safety manuals to make real life decisions in high risk situations.
2. Understanding the responsibility that you have over the lives of your crew mates.
3. The importance of good information, good communication and working as a team.



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