Captain’s Session: How to Ensure Safety and Security Onboard

Captains are invited to join us for this session focusing on how to ensure safety and security onboard. After this engaging interactive session Captains will have a better understanding of the essence of communications for safety and security onboard. For example, what are trends, how does it work, ways in which they can improve, etc. Experts in the field will be attending to give light on this interesting current topic; C.N.SAT, MedAire/Philips, Inmarsat, E3 Systems, DSNM and Maritime2Mobile Ltd. 


All systems onboard are interconnected and integration is the answer to having a modern and reliable environment. Today we rely on devices connected to the internet which, however, can compromise our security: Internet of Things, Entertainment interconnected devices, Cloud services are dangerous without proper network management. We will see how to defend against threats and at the same time enjoy all the services that an interconnected system offers.

E3 Systems

During the session, E3 Systems will raise awareness and questions to the audience regarding cyber security, CCTV, facial recognition, and possibly crew welfare, ie in terms of well being and safety.

MedAire / Philips

During this session, Philips and MedAire will provide a demonstration of the Tempus IC2 as an example of how communication options onboard can provide the data physicians need to effectively diagnose illness and support decision making for the best treatment options.


Peter Broadhurst from Inmarsat will give an overview of Fleet Safety Inmarsat’s new GMDSS approved safety service and give an overview of the IMO’s 2021 security implementation and the practical steps yacht owners/managers can take to ensure a secure position.


Navigation best practices, ECDIS safety settings, Non-coverage of operating areas in official charting data/against using un-official charting solutions – have you got the right scaled chart to enter a port, for example, bay, or specific location – case studies of Superyacht accidents/prevention of serious accident.

Maritime2Mobile Ltd.

Overview of the potential to Encrypt both Data and Voice Services from a Yacht in contact to land-based GSM networks. Discuss the potential for 5G in the Maritime market. 



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