DNV GL Superyacht Seminar: Submarines, 3D Printing & Sustainable Innovations

Three topics will be presented during Monaco Yacht Show to superyacht Captains, Crew and Managers:

Underwater safety: First manned submersible ever certified for unlimited diving depth

DNV GL experts, Jonathan Struwe and Dr. Stephan Hinz, will describe the deepest ever sea trials, when the DNV GL classed submersible “LIMITING FACTOR” descended to the deepest point in the entire ocean to prove all systems for unlimited diving depth. The presentation will focus on the safety aspects of modern manned submersibles, which are being tested for safe operation in the most challenging environment, the deep sea, and for Superyacht and Cruise Ship application, described by DNV GL expert Dr. Stephan Hinz. Captains can decide what depths they need to go to in order to satisfy today’s charter guests and will get insights in the submersible operation and supporting systems.

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) has real potential to revolutionise the way parts, objects and even whole vessels are designed and manufactured, making imagination the only limit to what is possible. DNV GL expert, Simon Ratcliffe, will brief delegates on how this rapid emerging technology can be used to make custom designs, the possible materials and technologies, what it might mean to have printing on-demand and how the technology could unlock sustainable circular ecosystems.

Sailing towards Sustainability

Water Revolution Foundation’s Vienna Eleuteri will explain how “Sustainability” is mainstream today but still one of the most misunderstood social movements. What exactly does it entail for captains and yacht professionals, besides the low-hanging fruit of the elimination of single-use plastic bottles? Much more. How we can identify sustainable practices applicable in our sector.

Delegates will have the chance to question the speakers, over refreshments, and can leave the seminar confident that they can communicate to superyacht owners and guests as well-briefed “authorities” on submarines, shaping and making objects and sustainability.

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Jonathan Struwe

Senior Inspection Engineer & Surveyor for Pressure & Underwater Technology