An Exploration of Cultural Perspectives

Workshop facilitators with years of experience will share their insights and perspectives in making guests and owners from different cultures feel well looked after and respected. Superyachting provides unique challenges, as the destinations are often in a wide variety of countries that all have their cultural nuances and expectations too. Focusing on two Superyacht destinations as case studies, Turkey and the Caribbean region, the workshop will investigate how to improve outcomes for guests by understanding how to manage the people involved effectively. Taking in a variety of different cultures, there will be discussion (questions and contributions are welcomed from attendees) around how to manage mixes of two cultures, for example taking Russian guests to a Caribbean restaurant. The session will be sponsored by Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) which has service agents worldwide and have experts in every region.


Culture is complicated as it is tied in with values, respect and expected behaviours. And it is a powerful influence for many people. The key theme will be around understanding how to manage the people you are dealing with as much as organising the experience you are providing.



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